Faith. Family. Monster battles.

The Nexus Nebula Saga is a multi-genre fiction series that has it all. A backbone of adventure, horror, and fantasy is colored with a splash of the paranormal, spirituality, cyberpunk, and pop psych.

Unique, dynamic characters have adventures in expansive settings while grappling with very familiar emotions, obligations, and relationships.

A young woman will battle a raging darkness to protect children while experiencing a deep power awakening within herself. A sheep will learn to take responsibility and stand up against domineering pigs and brutal dogs. Two brothers will explore their tremendous abilities and grow together… or destroy one another. Young men will shoulder the burden of godlike powers they never wanted and don’t understand.

Worlds will begin and end. Reality itself will be threatened as the mysterious Nexus nebula draws the universe’s most powerful figures toward itself for a climactic showdown. Faith in humanity will be put to the test by the whim of a mad nihilist. Will God’s creation be wiped out of existence?

Latest Chapters

Learning Curve.

While I was writing In Sheep’s Clothing: The Healer and The Way of the Ram back in 2015, I had no problem churning out some art to go along with it. The character sketches and the map were all made alongside the manuscript. While the look of the characters was fluid in my head, andContinue reading “Learning Curve.”

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